Mauna Loa: Links to Other Sites with Information about the Volcano

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From The Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Imaging Radar Group
this multi-polarization radar image of Mauna Loa. If you need a high-resolution version of this image you can get it from The JPL Hi-Res Image Archive.
From JPL via the EOS Volcanology Team, Remote sensing and associated data, including 14C dates
NASA's Nimbus-7 TOMS (total ozone mapping spectrometer) images of the sulfur dioxide plume from the 1984 eruption of Mauna Loa
From Dan Johnson
A gallery of photographs of the Mauna Loa eruption of 1984
The Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project
A drill hole near Hilo which penetrated Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea lavas.
Virtually Hawaii
Virtual field trips and images of the Hawaiian Islands, including shuttle radar images, Landsat images, aerial photographs, and ground-level photographs of Mauna Loa.
The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory's Volcano Watch newsletters
Articles about Hawaii's volcanoes. Kilauea is the most popular subject but there are articles about Mauna Loa too.
From the US Geological Survey, the Big Island's latest earthquakes (courtesy of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory)
Mauna Loa images from Volcano World
Kevin Johnson's compilation of geochemical data from the Bishop Museum