Mauna Loa Revealed: Structure, Composition, History, and Hazards, edited by J.M. Rhodes and John P. Lockwood, American Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C., 1995

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Table of Contents


J.M. Rhodes and John P. Lockwood .....xi

Geology and General Studies

Mauna Loa Volcano: Historical Eruptions, Exploration, and Observations (1779-1910)
Walther M. Barnard .....1-19

Offshore Geology of Mauna Loa and Adjacent Areas, Hawaii
James G. Moore and William W. Chadwick, Jr. .....21-44

Declining Growth of Mauna Loa During the Last 100,000 Years: Rates of Lava Accumulation vs. Gravitational Subsidence
Peter W. Lipman .....45-80

Mauna Loa Eruptive History_The Preliminary Radiocarbon Record
John P. Lockwood .....81-94

Quiescent Outgassing of Mauna Loa Volcano 1958-1994
Steven Ryan .....95-115

Biological Perspectives on Mauna Loa Volcano: A Model System for Ecological Research
Peter M. Vitousek, Gregory H. Aplet, James W. Raich, and John J. Lockwood .....117-126

Geophysical Monitoring and Remote Sensing

Gravity Changes on Mauna Loa Volcano
Daniel J. Johnson .....127-143

Remote Sensing on Mauna Loa
Anne B. Kahle, Michael J. Abrams, Elsa A. Abbott, Peter J. Mouginis-Mark, and Vincent J. Realmuto .....145-170

Continuous Monitoring of Volcanoes With Borehole Strainmeters
Alan T. Linde and I. Selwyn Sacks .....171-185

A Seismological Framework for Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii
Paul G. Okubo .....187-197

Recent Inflation and Flank Movement of Mauna Loa Volcano
Asta Miklius, Michael Lisowski, Paul T. Delaney, Roger P. Denlinger, John J. Dvorak, Arnold T. Okamura, and Maurice K. Sako .....199-205

Petrology and Geochemistry

An Empirical Glass-Composition-Based Geothermometer for Mauna Loa Lavas
Charlene Montierth, A. Dana Johnston, and Katharine V. Cashman .....207-217

Olivine-Rich Submarine Basalts From the Southwest Rift Zone of Mauna Loa Volcano: Implications for Magmatic Processes and Geochemical Evolution
Michael O. Garcia, Thomas P. Hulsebosch, and J. Michael Rhodes .....219-239

The 1852 and 1868 Mauna Loa Picrite Eruptions: Clues to Parental Magma Compositions and the Magmatic Plumbing Systems
J. M. Rhodes .....241-262

Episodic Trace Element and Isotopic Variations in Historical Mauna Loa Lavas: Implications for Magma and Plume Dynamics
J. M. Rhodes and S. R. Hart .....263-288

Isotopic Evolution of Mauna Loa Volcano: A View From the Submarine Southwest Rift Zone
Mark D. Kurz, T. C. Kenna, D. P. Kammer, J. M. Rhodes, and M. O. Garcia .....289-306

Contrasting Th/U Ratios in Historical Mauna Loa and Kilauea Lavas
Klaus P. Jochum and Albrecht W. Hofmann .....307-314

Volcanic Hazards

Applications of GIS to the Estimation of Lava Flow Hazards on Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii
Jim Kauahikaua, Sandy Margriter, Jack Lockwood, and Frank Trusdell .....315-325

Lava Flow Hazards and Risk Assessment on Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii
Frank A. Trusdell .....327-336

Forecasting Eruptions of Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii
Robert W. Decker, Fred W. Klein, Arnold T. Okamura, and Paul G. Okubo .....337-348