GMT for Windows

We offer one required and one optional Windows Installers for those who do not wish to compile from source:

Required: Choose either the 32-bit or 64-bit GMT installer to install GMT version 4.5.18 with all executables (including supplements), the netCDF and GDAL DLL libraries, the gawk utility, all HTML documentation, and the example batch scripts with test data [30 Mb].
Required: Unless you have done so before, choose the complete GSHHG version 2.3.7 coastlines, rivers, and borders [54 Mb].
Optional: The PDF installer will install the complete documentation in PDF format [18 Mb].

Should you have additional needs for source code or tutorial data sets, etc., you may download the complete GMT distribution as a bzipped tarball from any of our GMT ftp sites and extract the files with a suitable extractor (such as 7-zip).

Click to change download site: Hawaii | US East | US West | Austria | Japan | South America | South Africa

Direct download links for Windows Installers:

Selected ftp site: SOEST, Dept of Geology & Geophysics, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

gmt-4.5.18-win32.exe The 32-bit GMT distribution (programs, libraries, supplements, HTML docs, examples).
gmt-4.5.18-win64.exe The 64-bit GMT distribution (programs, libraries, supplements, HTML docs, examples).
gmt-4.5.18-pdf-win32.exe The complete GMT PDF documentation.
gshhg-2.3.7-win32.exe The complete GSHHG coastlines, rivers, and borders data.