Torosaurus DINOSAUR FIELD TRIP with Barbara Keating: the Animals

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III: What we know about the animals

Model of a Stegasaurus Statue of a Stegosaurus at the Utah State Field Museum, in N.E. Utah (at left).

The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry
The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry is a U. S. Natural Landmark. Geologists believe the site was a pond during Jurassic times, surrounded by mud-flats. Along with many Allosaurus, five Camptosaurus, four Stegosaurus, three Camarasaurus, a Barosaurus, and others became trapped in the mud and were fossilized. Since many bones were partly broken or splintered it has been suggested that the herbivores (plant-eaters) were eaten and dismembered by the carnivores (meat-eaters).

Stegosaurus reached 4.7 meters in length, stood 3.6 meters at the top of the hip bone, and weighed 6400 kilograms. Vertical plates ran along the center of the arched back and two spikes occur on the tail. The plates may have been arranged in two rows. The snout was long and pointed. Why? Answer: To snip off leaves.

Reconstructed sketeton of a Camptosaurus Camptosaurus (at rightis a plant-eating biped (Ornithopod). It grew to a length of 5.2. meters, was 1.4 meters high at the hip, and weighed 1000 kilograms. It's snout ends in a small expanded beak (suited for browsing on leaves?). The neck was short and flexible. It's tail dropped to the ground.

Model of fighting dinosaurs The Prehistoric Museum.
The Prehistoric Museum in Price Utah is part of the College of Eastern Utah.You know that you are there when you see this distinctive statue of an Allosaurus attacking a Camptosaurus (at left). Inside the Prehistoric Museum Inside the museum you will see Allosaurus, Camptosaurus, and Stegosaurus skeletons in the main display. The Museum gives you lots of good information about dinosaurs, and you can see a woolly mammoth display. The Native American art and artifacts displays are also terrific. And if you enjoy dinosaur stuff, you'll enjoy the great gift shop.

We hope you enjoyed this visit to a real dinosaur quarry. It's time to end our virtual field trip and fly away home. Dr. Keating visited several other museums and quarries, while working in the western United States. If you'd like to see more dinosaur sites in the Dinosaur Triangle of Utah and Colorado, and in Canada and Alaska, visited in the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology portion of the SOEST Web Site, send a message via email to Barbara Keating at

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II. Where we find the bones

III. What we know about the animals

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