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Length Overall = 185'7"

Accommodations = 48

Mission Support = 100LT

Waterline Length = 172'

Science Party = 27 (inc.2 STAG bunks)

Lab Space =2762 sqft

Maximum Breadth = 88'

Range = 10,000miles

Working Deck = 4460 sqft

Full Load Draft = 25'

Survey Speed= 12kts/S.S.6

.680" Traction Winch

Displacement =2542LT

CTD System

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3-D    A current view from the shipyard.  The ship on trials Docking.  The Christening of Kilo Moana.

The sonar suit is configured by SIMRAD, and features the following systems: EM120 deep water multibeam, EM1002 shallow water multibeam, Echosounder EA500, ADCP125 by Sontek, and the HPR418 used with the positioning system.

The AGOR 26 that is being designed and constructed, under a contract supervised by NAVSEA, to replace the R/V MOANA WAVE. The new ship will be commissioned as the R/V KILO MOANA. The ship is being constructed for ONR and will be entering service in 2002 to be operated by the University of Hawaii. The industrial team is led by Lockheed Martin Corporation, which is not only responsible for overall coordination, but also for concept design. The detail design is the responsibility of Guido Perla. The noise control program is the responsibility of Ray Fisher, and EDI is responsible for the power plant. Construction  commenced on January8, 2001 at AMI in Florida. Delivery is scheduled for January26, 2002
(see Const. Sched.)

MISSION STATEMENT                                                                                                     The R/V KILO MOANA is designed to perform general-purpose oceanographic research in coastal and deep ocean areas. The ship will be capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Fully operational in upper sea state 6 (SS6.) 
  • Sampling and data collection of air, surface, midwater, and sea floor parameters.
  • Full ocean depth sea floor surveys.
  • Launch, towing, and recovery of science packages.
  • Handling and servicing both tethered and autonomous ROVs and AUVs.
  • Deployment and recovery of deep-sea moorings as well as boat operations.
  • Shipboard data processing and sample analyses.
  • Precise navigation, station-keeping, and track-line maneuvering in support of both deep sea and coastal operations.
  • Long periods of operation at low speeds.


  1. The ship will be built and maintained under the Code of Federal Regulations 46.
  2. In addition to federal regulations the ship will be operated under the guidelines set out in the UNOLS Safety Manual.
  3. The linked web site will aid in unit conversions.
  4. The linked web site will provide marine weather.
  5. To view deck drawings, an Acrobat Reader4.0 must be installed on the computer. Software is available from Adobe.

Additional information about the ship may be obtained by contacting the U of Hawaii Marine Center

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