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Handling Equipment
The aft portion of the Main Deck, known as the Working Deck, is configured to carry, launch and recover equipment over-the-stern and over-the-side, including an 80-ft core sampler. Deck equipment is designed to meet ABS certification for lifting gear and 46 CFR requirements. Installation permits conducting of a variety of oceanographic operations at sea, including: coring, water sampling, equipment launch and recovery, and array and trawl towing.

Heavy Lift Crane (North American, MCT-2540)

- installed on port side of load and offload and move equipment around the Working Deck
- lift capacity of 20,000 lbs. at a 30-ft radius and 5,000 lbs. at a 40-ft radius
- deploy wire or EM cable from the below-deck traction winch
- configured for towing 9/16" 3x19 wire over the side

Towing Crane (Appleton Marine, Inc. Model KEB 50-35)

- installed on starboard side to launch, tow and recover equipment
- deploy EM cable from the topside Hydrographic Winch

Remote control provided at the Aft Control Station and the Computer Laboratory.

Hydrographic Winch (DYNACON)
- conduct oceanographic operations over-the-stern and over-the-side
- EM cable from the winch drum led to starboard side towing crane

Traction Winch (DYNACON) and Stowage Winch (DYNACON)
- located in winch/wire room on Main Deck with cable running to the U-Frame or the port crane

Handling Gear
Hydraulically Actuated Stern U-Frame (DYNACON)
- mounted on the transom to launch and recover oceanographic equipment and support running cable from the traction winch
- designed to handle 20,000 lbs. and reach 12-ft beyond the transom
- configured for towing 9/16" 3x19 wire

Mission Support
The arrangement of the R/V KILO MOANA was developed to facilitate efficient science operations. Most of the mission spaces are located adjacent to each other on the Main Deck which allows easy access between spaces and also to the exterior working deck area aft. Nearly 3,000 sq. ft. is dedicated to laboratory spaces. Lab Areas include: Hydrographic Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Wet Laboratory, I-Met Laboratory, Lab #1, Lab #2, ET Shop and Staging Bay.

The Main Deck aft of midship is dedicated to mission support. Approximately 2,200 sq. ft. of exterior working deck area is provided aft. This area is designed with a two foot bolt socket grid for flexibility to support a variety of scientific missions. The main complex of mission spaces are located just forward of the working deck. These include the staging bay, science office, hazardous materials locker and nearly all of the laboratories and scientific storerooms. The library and meteorological laboratory are located forward on the starboard side. The computer laboratory is located on the 01 Level. An additional 2,000 sq. ft. of working deck is located on the forward third of the 01 Level to support science, primarily meteorology. In addition, space and facilities are provided for (2) 20-ft x 8-ft ISO vans

A ship-wide computer network, known as the scientific information system (SIS), is provided to allow exchange of data between computers, scientific instruments and video monitors. The network serves all mission spaces, public spaces and staterooms.

Conditioned electrical power is provided to support sensitive scientific equipment. 12 kW uninterruptible power and 88 kW of clean power is provided to the laboratories. R/V KILO MOANA is capable of carrying up to 100 LT of mission payload with a volume up to 15,000 cubic ft. of scientific storage.

High pressure stainless steel piping and fittings will be provided for installation of portable seismic survey compressors. 


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