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R/V KILO MOANA has a large suite of modern mission electronic and sonar systems. Shipboard systems have been carefully designed to avoid interference with scientific sonar systems.

Deep Water Multibeam Echo Sounder (Simrad EM120)
A 12 kHz, 191 beam, bathmetric sonar system capable of hydrographic charting and seafloor acoustic backscatter imaging in water depth up to 11,000 m. Angular coverage is up to 150 degrees depending on depth. Width of coverage is generally six times water depth up to 2000 m. In deep water, a width of 20 km is achievable depending on bottom composition. The sonar transducers are mounted in the port hull.

Shallow Water Multibeam Echo Sounder (Simrad EM1002)
A 95 kHz, 111 beam system designed to operate from shoreline down to a depth of about 1000 m. Angular coverage is up to 150 degrees. Width of coverage is about 1500 m in deeper waters and up to 7.4 times water depth in shallower water. 

Hydrographic Echo Sounder (Simrad EA 500)
A single or split beam echo sounding system with three transducer frequencies: 12, 38 and 200 kHz. Ranges are 13,000 m for 12 kHz operation and 500 m for 200 kHz operation.

Acoustic Positioning System (Simrad HPR 418)
A ship position indicating system which uses short and long baseline modes to compute location within a network of bottom acoustic transponders. It can also track location of an acoustic beacon mounted on a remotely operated vehicle or submersible.

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (Sontek 125)
A 125 kHz system which provides vertical profiles of ocean current speed and direction.

Depth Finding System
One digital fathometer system with digital readouts located in Pilot House console, Aft Control Station and bridge wings. Raytheon Model 795 with recording capability installed in the Chart Room with remote display in the Computer Lab.


For more technical information, please see the AGOR26 site.

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